How Scattered Energy Leads To Contracted Results…

Scattered energy equals contracted results.

Today’s topic is going to resonate with you most if you are currently experiencing poor quality results in your life. Particularly, focusing on your finances, business, attractive factor for new (or higher-paying) clients, and less than desirable results in getting your products and services out into a super niched marketplace…

This Thursday, I had an incredible group call with my Alchemists (members of The Soul Business Academy) and we discussed principles surrounding the creator consciousness, which is a term you’ll become more familiar with as you continue to read my upcoming posts. What was realised during the call is that several of us still have our energy dialled into a field outside of us that leaves us feeling ‘wishy-washy’, scattered, and separated in the illusion that ‘we are not enough’.

Now, when your signature energy is trapped in the past, via your emotions, blocks and fears, you’ll notice that your future will attract alike situations, alike circumstances, alike people, and generally not much will change. You become complacent (often unconsciously) as you live each day with a ‘life happens to me’ belief, rather than, ‘life happens by me’. 

You need to call your energy back home. And, this is where we delve deeper into the metaphysical world.

When we call our energy back home we bring our resonant frequency up, which means that we become able to own our decisions as we make purposeful choices all governed by a ‘creator’ mentality, opposed to a ‘receiver’ mentality.

Consider for a moment where you are experiencing contracted results in your business, love-life, finances, relationships with family, friends, colleagues, your health, as well as any other areas of your life…

Recognise that this contraction is a direct result of your energy remaining outside of you and scattered in other fields. It may lie within those past relationships or major life-shifting events experienced in your past. However, the most important thing to note here, is that you do have the power to regain full control of your energy.

Over the weekend, I was in Auckland, NZ, running a 2-day Live Soul Business Academy Intensive. I took the members through a powerful process named, ‘The Sphere Method’ and what has transpired over the last couple of days as a result, is nothing short of phenomenal.

Every day I have been receiving heartfelt and triumphant messages and feedback from the members as they share and exclaim their breakthroughs which have continued since practicing this method with me over the weekend.

The freedom, growth, expansion, clarity and the crystalline view of how you show up in the world instantly creates a discharging effect from your past. And so, once you have freed yourself from the institution of the past, you begin to dial into, and create a new probable future as you’ve got more energy sourced within you, which is no longer tied to previous events, people, places or things.

If you’re suffering from contractions right now, I ask you to pause, and bring your awareness to where your energy may be lodged.

It’s often times intertwined with another person, or a group of people, that had entered into your life at a stage so that you could learn.

I’m here to tell you that, that illusion belongs in the past.

The results you have right now are historical.

Yes, historical. They are a direct reflection of the past.

You continue to create new experiences based on the past because you are addicted to your own emotions and the wiring that was set up long ago, stemming from a biological and energetic event which caused hormones and their chemical discharges to be released into the body.

Your success, health and happiness are wired to a new future, and therefore a new state of being.

That state of being is birthed through joy, because it is in this frequency that you reclaim your own power, and light. It is in this state, where you no longer feel so scattered or reactive to your outside world as a victim, that you can actually step into clarity of mind, and cultivate a supercharged inner dialogue with your creator consciousness.

Bring awareness to where your own light is. Bring it back to the self, cultivate it within and own your decisions!

The ‘Sphere Method’ rewires the brain to re-encode you for success, and altitude, whilst also allowing you to reclaim your spark, light and your supreme level of consciousness so that you can create and birth your reality, rather than receiving one.

Now, if you’d like information on how ‘The Sphere Method’ can drastically change the trajectory of your future, in alignment with what you envision for yourself, I would be more than happy to give you access to a 50-minute ‘RE-WIRE YOUR FUTURE’ Masterclass of   which I initially had recorded for The Soul Business Academy members. 

The members know just how powerful this is, and I’d like to share this information with you, so that you can experience and reap the benefits of a new future!

(The video is free) Just drop an email to, with ‘Sphere Method Masterclass’ as the heading and I will send you the link to watch it on Youtube!

It will literally shift your thoughts, beliefs and path.

If you’ve got any questions after watching the Masterclass, let me know, and I can guide you through the process of applying it into your life for maximum result!

Travel Light,