Stretching your mind, vision and awareness in life and business comes with consequences…

There are commonalities and running themes in fear-based thinking…

And, one of our biggest fears funnily enough, is stretching ourselves.

Truthfully, it’s not the fear of our own success that we are most afraid of though….it’s the consequences.

What I mean by this is, we tend to think about who we’re going to leave behind, or how things will be different, and whether the dynamic of our conversations and intimacy with those around us will change.

“If” things change once we decide to boldly expand our mind and capacity to accomodate more of that which we want, (more possibility, new opportunities, greater abundance, a greater vision…) there’s an underlying guilt that our personal success will show up on other peoples radar’s, highlighting that they’re not doing enough.

Jealousy from loved ones, and feeling like a bright pink swan amongst your social circle are the very real consequences of being courageous enough to take the first step, and separating yourself from an (unwritten) contract or paradigm that we all subscribe ourselves too.

You know the one…that keeps us playing small?

Here’s the thing –  if you want to expand your capacity to experience what is possible for your life, you must first give yourself permission to do so.

Be prepared (not, from a fear perspective) but from a deeper understanding, that with stretching your mind and life vision there will be consequences. You’ll notice, however, that the consequences aren’t nearly as severe as they may first appear if approached with a heightened awareness. In fact, you’ll feel more support from those around you! And, if you do experience ‘negative’ reaction, an understanding that – it’s other’s own turmoils of regret being projected outwards – will go a long way. They are simply experiencing what the 1.0 version of you has been through…the inner doubt, procrastination and fearing their capacity to dream and envision larger.

At the centre of every stretch of the mind is you. You are the centre of your universe.

You must reprogram your beliefs around success and release the belief that says “If I go ahead I’m leaving people behind and being at the mercy of those who feel stuck and are closed off to other alternatives in their life , but to stay where they are”.

One of the biggest things holding you back IS your fear of consequences.

I challenge you to view these consequences as real and positive rather than something negative to be afraid of.

We are always creating our environment from within, not without. So, when we look outwards to those who honour us, love us, support us, for the permission to take the next leap of faith, we are doing ourselves a disservice.

All the great masters understood this. Imagine your universe as an onion, except it’s an inverted onion. Instead of cutting through the external layers and making yourself cry at the same time, go directly inside and create from the inner planes from courage, and strength of certainty that this is what you want to experience.

The promise is that those around you who love, support and respect you, will honour you even more through the unspoken word for showing them a higher path of what is possible.