The 3 Things You Must Have To Create An Elevated Lifestyle…

Why ‘Mediocrity’ will not help propel you into the creator you are destined to be.

And, the THREE things that you must do in order to elevate your current lifestyle:

Stop playing small. Use your creation, powers, and your source given intelligence to build something worthy of pursuing. Have you noticed that regardless of which industry or niche we belong too, we are taught to emulate. We’re told to copy and emulate the success of others and to model the results or the structural processes of others, but rarely are we encouraged to embody or curate a higher version of ourselves.

When we emulate, we simply become a player in a field – not a leader. Whether you are a coach, healer, natural therapist, holistic practitioner….decide whether you are a player or a leader?

Because; the world needs more leaders.

Players tend to attract from the micro. And creating from the micro without a vision for the macro leaves a great amount of detail and gaps in the application.

Make a pact with yourself, (an agreement with your highest potential) that you’re going to leave mediocrity behind to join the one percent (the minority) that is pursuing, crafting, creating, engineering and being the architect and leader in your industry/niche. But, don’t settle for being a player as a one amongst many in your industry. You want to make a stand to become the best and known for something specific by merging the two hemispheres, your two worlds, your left brain and your right brain together, your grounded philosophies with your highest ethereal ideas and energy.

That’s how you will create an impact and build lasting profound results on the planet as well as in your life.

There are three things to consider when elevating your lifestyle.

1. Do you have a vision for yourself?

Constantly we are told to have a vision for our health, finances, businesses, family, sometimes to even have a vision for our wider community and the world!

Sure this is important but it is crucial to first recognise and decide on your vision for your-self.

Who do you wish to be? How do you desire to show up in the world?

All great leaders have a vision for the self.

It’s anchored in their highest potential and is grounded in the material through action and planning and once you have pictured a very clear vision for the self, everything else will naturally follow.  

2. What do you stand for?

In your market, are you a leader who follows through and commits to their word? Or, are you a player who is just oscillating and vibrating midstream mid-flow. The only way you will become a leader is by standing out amongst the noise of the copycats and the replicators. In standing for something, you actually create a huge vortex of energy that you can move into which is aligned with your vision. This energy beckons you forward to lead that that purpose and to fulfill that mission. When you are looking at gaps in the market place, you may be looking at the two hemispheres of yourself. You could possibly see two potentially aligned industries that could be fused together. For example engineering and accounting, the metaphysical world and business (such as what I focus on), it could be inspirational messages and energetic ascension…

Whatever it is what you stand for, make your message clear and known.

3. What mark or impact do you wish to create in the world?

Consider the footprint or energetic signature you are imprinting through your life work.

Join the leaders if you wish to step out of mediocrity and create an elevated lifestyle.

Something I see a lot in that type of vibration of the Law Of Attraction followers, is people who become satisfied with attracting the small things in life and never experience true greatness.

They don’t get to experience the macro, or the full complete version of themselves because they are happy with the dollar found on the ground, or the conveniently placed car space (tongue in cheek). They settle for the little upgrades in life and there is nothing wrong with that at all. I  just realise that you have a much wider scope of potential and so I’m asking you right here, right now to break open that shell and to start building worlds, and a reality created around your personal vision.

Spend some time to really get in depth with what you are passionate about and committed to.

Remember this;

Leaders create worlds players create results.

Let’s recap the 3 things;
1. Create A Personal Vision For Yourself And The Life You Wish To Design And Live
2. Decide Whether You Wish To Be A Player Or, A Leader
3. Realise What Impact You Wish To Create In The World