The Trophy Wall Syndrome™

In this mini webclass, I share THREE top tips for you to apply to your business today that will help you as a practitioner, healer, or coach in the transformation and healing industry to appoint yourself as the highly valued, experienced and sought after leader that you really are, without chasing more of the next, best certifications.

I explain why having more certifications does not…let me repeat, does not, equate to attracting more clients, or necessarily even adding more value to your client’s life! And, three ways that you can truly add more value whilst facilitating higher level transformation within your clients.

If you want to scale up your business so that you can impact more people, as well as creating more meaning, attracting more money, and experiencing more freedom in your own life, I believe this mini class will be super helpful to you…

It’s time to shift the faulty belief that adding more certifications to your trophy wall will equate to more clients!

Do you suffer from the trophy wall syndrome?

I certainly used to…

If this is you, and it resonates…Let me know, and share how you are going to apply this to your business!