Achieve More Focus, Stability and Revenue in the Next 90 Days
Activating the Magnetic Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Shift from the 3D world of struggle, lack and limitation
to a 5D life filled with clarity, confidence and unlimited possibilities!

Who Is This Event For?

Coaches, Consultants and Digital Entrepreneurs Who Want Learn How to Master Your Inner Game and WIN BIG at the Game of Business and Life.

You have been drawn to this page for a One Very Specific Reason...

To Discover the Timeless Winning Formula for Transcending the Hustle, Stress and Overwhelm of Growing Your Business and Achieving Success and Personal Freedom Faster Than Ever Before !!

It's a well know fact among conscious coaches, consultants and digital entrepreneurs...

In order to succeed in business and win at the game of life you need to follow a well tread path and a proven time-tested formula - following in the footsteps of the giants who have paved the way before you, in order grow your business and live the life you were born to live.

However, along the way, you somehow acquired the belief that "only the lucky" attract the opportunities, financial breaks and success you desire.

So, somewhere along the line you subscribe to the belief you need to work harder and longer in order to  maybe "one day" experience the level of achievement you have long dreamed of.

Stress, anxiety and overwhelm are a common place within the entrepreneurial experience

And are the effects of old "out dated" operating systems.

The truth is...

Anyone can achieve sustainable results and success by learning how focus your intentions, stabilise your vision and wire your mind and body to your preferred future.

This isn't rocket science...

Nor, it is new age "woohoo"!

This is the world of hyper-focus and quantum envisioning.

Yes, there's a science and art to it.

And, this is what I am going to share with you during this 1 day intensive...

How to put your desires and business results on speed dial

And create predictable, repeatable results in any area of your life

With greater ease, flow and freedom.

So, you can live the life you were born to live, NOW!

Wired For Success...

"You cannot experience a new future reality, outcome or result without first being mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically wired for the events ahead of time."
~ Matthew Patti


During this 1 Day Intensive you will learn how to:

  • Identify the old limiting beliefs, habits and behaviour sabotaging your success and blocking you from experiencing growth in your business
  • Scale the 4 Levels of Conscious Growth so you can take back control of the results in your business and life, and live life on your terms
  • Tune in to the frequency and energy signature of your Ultimate Future Self - the clearer, more confident and abundant version of you
  • Breakthrough the self-imposed glass ceiling keeping you from attracting higher value dream clients and living with greater certainty and security
  • Effectively program your subconscious mind to become an unstoppable and unshakeable magnetic force attracting more aligned opportunities to you, at speed
  • Create your own Winning Magic Morning and Evening Rituals to positively wire your mind, body and environment to greater wealth, happiness and freedom
  • Overcome the dreaded "Imposter Syndrome"so you can attract and serve your dream clients at much higher levels while adding an extra $5-8K to your revenue each month

"The Rain Maker"

"You know that feeling…  When everything feels super synchronous, well defined and in-flow?  Any friction or resistance has fallen away and been upgraded by alignment, continuity and ease.  Turn your clarity and conviction into Unshakeable Certainty"
~ Matthew Patti

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Get Wired For Success

About Matthew:

Matthew Patti is the founder of Innerversal Academy™ and creator of the renowned Zero Limits: Shape Your Best Life™ program.

Admired among his peers as a visionary, futurist, modern mystic and global leader in conscious business growth, Matthew has built multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses over the past two decades applying his unique blend and understanding of metaphysical principles with business strategy to help Transformational Leaders, Conscious Business Owners and Holistic Practitioners scale their business and consciousness.

His mission is to help awaken and activate higher levels of consciousness and "Super Human" potential within - transcending out-dated models of "doing" - rising to new heights of personal performance and achievement so together, we can positively influence, impact and contribute to advancing the human race using our unique gifts, talents and abilities.

You can learn more about Matthew's work by visiting him at or finding him on Facebook or Linked In.