When growing your business, one simple fact remains…

It doesn’t matter whether you want to go from $100K to $500K or if your aim is to go from $2,000,000 to $10,000,000 a year in turnover, revenue, sales… – one single fact remains.

What do you think it is?

If you have been following my teachings for a while, you may not be surprised by what I am about to say, in fact you may already know what this boils down to! But, if you are new in town, (a massive welcome first of all – thanks for stopping by!) this concept may be revolutionary for you…



Yes, I said it.

The one simple fact that affects your business, no matter how much you are raking in, is simple. It’s all about energy you carry, emit, transfer, absorb…

See, I’ve been having conversations with a number of influential leaders in the field of business lately. Great business owners who are financially successful and are turning over considerable amounts of money. I came to the knowing that whilst on the outside (the physical, material world) they are doing exceedingly well, they do also tend to have blocks within themselves. These blocks create distortions in their business and those distortions are simply reflections of the energy that is carried forward as an expression of themselves into the material structure and architecture of their business.

Energy precedes matter.

Your energy is the deciding factor and the compass, or North star to what matter forms and what results are achieved or are experienced inside a business. Regardless of whether you are just starting to build your business, or if you are already at 6, 7 figures per year, I ask you right now, to analyse where your energy in your business is.

And if you haven’t started your business yet – why haven’t you started?

Any business has an intelligence, it’s classed in my terms as an entity and in governmental (or IP accounting terms) it is considered a legal entity. All entities carry energy, and a personality that has an identity. A good example of this in business is your branding.

But who is behind the branding?


Some of you might have heard of the acronym CEO. I like to break that down as Chief Energy Officer.

You need to dial up your energy in order to resolve any distortions or blocks in your field that are coming from a lack of clarity, uncertainty or disbelief arising from your past.

In some of my earlier blogs such as this one, you’ll see that we operate on auto-pilot as a result of our history. However this is by no means said with a pessimistic attitude. Far from it in fact. You are in full power and have the ability to change the trajectory of your future when you dive deeper within and meet your creator consciousness.

In order for you to grow you need to become the energy of that vision, and the embodiment of the final result. You need to gain crystal clarity and have a level of certainty over all else. Then you can ground this energy inside of strategic planning and action-taking for your business.

The box that you’re keeping yourself in is often your energy which has become trapped inside of uncertainty resulting from the past.

  • How clear are you about your future and in envisioning the final results you desire?
  • How confident are you in your own abilities to bring forth these ideas with certainty?

Above all else it is important for you to step up as a master of your own energy. Those performing at the top end of town, in a niche industry are very clear – both in an economic sense but also energetically with regards to the direction that the entity known as their business is going.

Consider this,

Energy flows where your attention goes. Where is your energy currently residing in your business and where is your focus?

If you are raking in large amounts of money, and your attention is focused on cash flow, there is a great track record or capability that you have produced and created as a funnel to acquire prospects into clients, then clients into happily-referring, long term clients.

But, let’s say that your energy is in the lack of cash flow. Your attention is focused on lack. So, your attention and intention are in opposition with one another. Your intention is to have a greater cash flow whilst your attention is towards what you deem to be the reality of what is a result of your history.

It is time to rethink where you energy is and what historical experiences you are allowing to seep into the future of your business. Your business serves as a vehicle for the expression of that energy, so if you are currently growing your business, think first in terms of energy.

Energy precedes matter and you can’t solve a real problem with the same level of thinking that created it. Matter does not create matter. Energy does.

Today I will leave you with the following questions:

Where does your energy reside? and What is the intelligence of that energy birthing?

I’d love to hear from you.

Big love,

Bye for now.