Why 99% of people, thought leaders and entrepreneurs fail before they even get started…

So much of our time is spent trying to fix our past that we bring it unconsciously into the here-now moment.

It’s a natural tendency in a society that glorifies acquiring lessons and wisdom’s from our past mistakes.

In fact, a lot of people in the industry talk about the importance of having a story, particularly when marketing yourself as a personal brand because there is a general understanding that once you’ve unpacked and told your journey, only then it is possible for us to relate to one-another.

But, on the wings of wisdom also brings the residue of pain, failure and disappointments you’ve co created and it takes a highly astute person to separate the two.

My take?

Stop bringing the past into your now experience. This includes the 1.0 version of self that you’ve been subject to, as well as the plans you’ve perhaps succeeded or failed at executing.

Free yourself of the past so that you can create a new reality, and another level in your personal evolution, or business. It’s not possible for both the past and the present to occupy the same space.

Remaining in the past feeds it energy and distorts your ability to enroll yourself in a greater capacity to serve your mission and move purposefully and fully committed in alignment with your future vision.

Don’t insist on the past being included in your vocabulary. Garner the lessons and the insights to be used as a technology, not as an anchor.

If you’re ready to get rid of the dead animal…command to yourself “I’m done with the past!”

Only once you’re removed from this density can you experience the now and expand yourself into a future with a deeper capacity to explore your potential and what you can achieve.