Why healers, energy workers and spiritual coaches find marketing themselves so difficult…and, the 3 things you must fix if you are to build a 6+ figure business…

One of the biggest questions I receive from prospects who seek my help with building a 6 + figure business is, “I find marketing so damn difficult and so frustrating! I’ve gone from pillar to post and tried various marketing courses, programs and strategies but none of it seems to be working…” or, “I’m scared of marketing… I don’t know what I’m doing – everything seems so complicated”.

Is this you?….Do you find marketing difficult?

Because if you do, then there are THREE critical pieces to the puzzle which you may not have already lined up in your business right now.

So, if you notice yourself expressing similar frustrations and feeling like marketing is ‘yuk’ and ‘pushy’, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for a moment or two…

Let’s get straight into it shall we?

The first thing is – you do not have an aligned tribe.

You have no niche and so to compensate, you end up serving everyone and are great at all things but as a result, you are a master of nothing. It is critical that you get into the mind of your ideal customer!

Recently, I had a phone call with a wonderful woman who is gifted at what she does and how she serves in the market place. However, one of her biggest struggles at times is getting her message out there.

See, you are not alone.

She has gained one new client in the last couple of weeks who is her absolute ideal client and her client loves the value she offers.

I told her that “Where there is one – there are another hundred like her”, before asking her, “…so, who is your client, really?”

Allow me to highlight the importance of really investing some time into discovering and developing who your demographic are.

I ask you to consider the following 3 things;

  • Do you love working with them?
  • Can you give them a transformation?
  • Can they pay or invest with you for your services at a premium rate?

Her new client not only loves the services and the value she receives, but, has paid upfront in full (no payment plans!), showed up on time and is now going to be a great referral source.

I asked her to unpack the motivations behind why this client came to her and then to build a demographic profile of her.  

So, that’s the first thing you need to fix in your business. Naturally, if you haven’t honed in on who your ideal client is, you won’t be able to successfully market to them. You must know who they are, what they do, what their needs and wants are, what their internal and external motivations are…

Secondly, you find marketing difficult because you…

Don’t know how to articulate what it is that you do.

You don’t know how to share what it is that you do and so you end up sounding very vague and lacking in conviction.

Infact, this topic came up in discussion only this morning – in a couple of group messages I received from the Soul Business Academy members.

“I do wonderful healing and therapeutic work with people that is hands on, 1:1, in a boutique environment. How do I uplevel my services from physically being there to launching and serving on an online platform so that I can serve not just 1:1 but 1:many people?”.

You need to think, “Well how do I do, what I do?”

Start off by identifying and writing out the process through which you organically take your clients through when you do your healing, coaching, transformational sessions with them.

It takes about 5 minutes of what I call, ‘mind-purging’. Sit with a pen a paper, and put yourself into your therapist/coaching mode as you outline what it is that you do step-by-step.

Keep asking yourself, “What’s next?” as you go through this process. By the end of it you may have a process of 6, 8, 14…steps that you facilitate and guide your clients through as part of your own conscious competence. A process which you carry out so organically, naturally and cavalierly that at times when you share it with another, it comes out as a bit of verbal diarrhea or sounds either end of the extremes of; extremely vague or quite overwhelming for the person listening.

Okay, so that’s the second thing to rewire, simply – how you describe what you do toothers.

You don’t describe yourself as a ‘healer’, you describe yourself as the end result for the client. So, what’s the end result?

For example, in the Soul Business Academy, I show leaders in the field of healing, consciousness, spirituality, natural therapy and coaching how to build a thriving business moving from one to one to one to many so that they can create more freedom, more abundance and more fun in their lives.

Now, the third thing to tweak in order to become successful in your marketing is to fix the space up there (in the mind).

Transitioning from an expensive hobby to running a business certainly calls for an elevated shift in mindset…Recognise that you are a vehicle for this healing modality, coaching, service – but, it’s not you and it’s not about you.

-I say this because you need to get out of your own way and trust the process.

This is much better done when you have a blueprint, formula or process and surprisingly, this is the one thing that I notice a lot of people in this space miss. They run from pillar to post but they don’t have a process already nailed.

I’m handing it over to you now, to implement and tweak these three steps, especially, if you answered ‘yes’ at the start of this article. The results will be evident as the efficiency and conversion of your marketing techniques increase!

So a quick recap; Your marketing will land when you (i) Know your customer, (ii) Are able to clearly articulate what you do to help the customer overcome their problems, fears, frustrations and achieve their wants and desires and (iii) Get out of the way and start making your work about the transformation and not about you!

Now, I would love for you to share this if it has helped you, so you and I both, can create a ripple effect in the world by getting this message in front of someone else who just may be experiencing the same thing.

…Now, over to you!

As always,

Travel Light!

Matt Patti.