Dare to ask bold questions: What happens when you allow the “holy-crap” version of yourself to come forward….

The past few weeks I have been asking myself a very bold question.

It’s a challenge I have enrolled myself into, and reminds me to be ‘all in’ at every moment.

…The question is;

What would happen if I allowed the HOLY CRAP version of myself to come forward?

Now, first let’s discuss what I really mean by the ‘Holy Crap’ version of me….because this is not the limited, doubting-Thomas part of me that often whispers internally “I must act small, play safe and take things slowly”.

I am speaking to the larger than life, infinitely filled with potential ME.

Ponder for a moment – What would happen to your own life, ability to make decisions on the head of a pin, relationships, health, cash flow, mindset, emotion – logic, if you were to embrace this version of you?

The ‘Holy Crap’ version of you says “I am all that I can be in this moment!”.

Nothing else matters. What other people think of you no longer dictates your actions, the fear of failure falls away, opportunities gather and momentum builds around you.

How often do you allow this bolder-YOU to show up?

When you live from this place of embracing the ‘Holy Crap’ you, blessings come forward because you are no longer waiting for a future to arrive. You appreciate that the only moment that exists is the one that you’re in right now. And, so you must fill it to the brim, and overflow it with potential that will change your whole life. The ‘Holy Crap’ you is a light bearer and shows other’s what’s possible.

Infact that’s why I have committed to doing a Facebook Live every day for 30 days. It’s a challenge to myself that cultivates my field, and reveals the authentic ‘Holy Crap’ version of myself that brings people together, is intimate, creative and shares with raw, transparency. This version of me is bigger than the potential that I have dreamt of and more real than any fear or limitation and lack I may experience along the way.

Now, I pass this challenge onto you – Pick one area of your life and ask yourself everyday;

….What will the ‘Holy Crap’ you do today?

It may be shooting a series of Facebook Lives, making that phone call, reaching out to stranger, writing that piece that you’ve been sitting on for way too long out of fear that no one will read it….

All the fears that want to keep you safe will become diminished because there is so much more life in the embodied ‘Holy Crap’ version of you.