Fearing Your Own Value… And, why the perfect product, program or course launch simply doesn’t exist!

I’ve been inspired to share this post today as a continuation to the last five conversations that I’ve had surrounding this topic.

The topic being, that there is never, ever…(ever!?) a ‘perfect’ product, program or course launch, (did I say ‘ever’?) And, trying to get it all right is simply → all wrong ←

Let me tell you why…

Now this may surprise you…see, in my 25 years of experience in the entrepreneurial field, growing businesses, launching multiple products and services, all whilst helping others to do the same – I have never, ever, ever in all of this time, built 100% of the program, the content or the material of the course before launch!

What I’ve heard most often over the last week, in seeding my upcoming Case Study Implementation Program, is that many of you are sitting on fantastic, mind-catapulting ideas!

As truly wonderful as these ideas are, sitting on them is not only a disservice to you, your gifts and your core agreement with your higher self, but also a HUGE disfavour to all those hundreds, and even thousands of people, whose lives you could be transforming with your soul magic.

Do you agree?

By choosing to release your ideas from the hidden confines of the room named, ‘fear’, in your brain, and presenting them into the marketplace, you are stepping into your power. And, stepping into your genius as you share your impactful information, services, programs, and products to create more meaning, more certainty, more money and, more freedom into your life and those on the receiving end of your work.


It is a result of fear that what you are putting out there is going to be rejected, it is not perfect and it’s not going to meet the expectations of your market and most importantly, the fear that it’s not gonna create any grand level of impact or transformation in someone else’s life.

If you are facing this fear, and it is holding you back from putting your incredible soul’s work out there, get in touch with me today so that together we can help you to overcome that level of procrastination, the fear of not getting it right and not having a perfect program/product/service, so that you can launch faster, impact more people AND attract a greater level of financial abundance whilst raise your ceiling of freedom.

…(actually, let’s blow the ceiling right off!)

Number one consideration – are you building something that the market wants?

If you already have a defined niche, do you know what they want?

If you don’t know, IT IS CRUCIAL, to listen to the market.

Have conversations with the people who fit your ideal niche. Discover their Four Forces, that we talk about quite often in healing, coaching and consulting. (Incase you haven’t read any of my previous posts yet, the four forces include what the frustrations, fears, wants and aspirations of your clients). So get deep on their short and long-term wants and aspirations so that you can know how to tailor your service to meet these needs.

If you don’t have a niche, I ask you to take just one step back to hit the drawing board and discover or develop your ideal client avatar.

Make sure that you are building something that other people want…If you’re offering your services and not getting much of a response back, it is not because your service is rubbish. It is because you either are not targeting the correct niche who craves your service, or product, or you have the right niche, but haven’t figured out exactly what your niche really desires from you. So, this is where knowledge of their four forces comes in, and can be applied.


Being a Maverick or a pioneer means that you are the first in the industry or market to do what you are doing…it has not been done, or presented before. I say, that it is a perfect position to not be the pioneer as you will probably be a year to 3 (or- even 10!) years before your time and the grand likelihood is that no one will be ready for you.

Instead, watch out and learn from those people that have set the paves and laid out the foundation before you.They have already done the marketing, and research, as well as having already spent time, money and energy in building a product that is currently selling and having tremendous impact. If you can see that there is an angle in the marketplace that is already investing in these types of programs, you’re almost there.

Once, you have a defined niche, and clearly identified their Four Forces, you can begin to launch 10, to 20% of your content, and yes, I really said it – only – 10, to 20% of your content!

…Not 100%!

I am speaking from experience, and in all the time and all the years that I’ve created and launched products, services and programs, 

I’ve never, ever launched with 100% content.

Here’s why,

….you don’t give 100% of your content away in the first week, two weeks, or even in the first three weeks!

No, you build it as you go, because in doing so, you are allowing time and space for feedback from the marketplace to enter into your stream of consciousness, and into a planning process so that you can continue meeting the growing wants, needs and desires of your market that is already interested in what you have.

So, build as you go, there will be different nuances and ideas and your language is going to start changing shape and form based on the feedback that you receive.

Value yourself.

If you are procrastinating and are afraid to launch the program, then the truth is that you are not valuing, or backing yourself. You fear the value that you can contribute to the marketplace, to the detriment of your own goals and aspirations. It’s really just a fear of not being valuable enough.

“So, what if I do all of this work, put it in front of other people and they simply don’t want it?”… is one of the biggest fears that people in the industry voice to me over and over again. It is fear always projected by those of you who are spiritual entrepreneurs, healers, coaches with a big drive, vast heart and an immense calling to show up for others in the world in a mighty way.

There is no such thing as a perfect launch, get yourself in the marketplace and gather active feedback during the process by listening and trusting that deep inner voice that says you can do this.

Are you prepared to stop sitting on top of your ideas, and to invest in adding this information to up-level your life, deepen your spirituality and grow your business?

Book in for a chat anytime, the teacher appears when the student is ready.