A parable about a fisherman, his frying pan and his world view…

If you only gave yourself half a chance…

Walking on the beach one day, I came across an elderly gentleman. He was a fisherman. There were not very many other people around and he seemed to be sitting on his own, just casting out into the surf and reeling his line back in.

Every 2nd or 3rd cast that he reeled back, he managed to catch a little Salmon. He would remove it from the hook, pick up his frying pan that was sitting next to him on the sand, and place the Salmon on top of the frying pan. This action would then be followed by either a nod, or, a head-shake and shrug of shoulders before he proceeded to throw the fish back into the ocean.

I sat on the beach, observing this fisherman repeat the process over and over, as he caught varying sizes of salmon. Super curious and perplexed, I decided to approach him to find out what he was doing as I thought surely, there must be a method to his madness…

“Excuse me Sir, sorry to interrupt…” I said, “I’ve been observing you for the last hour or so and I see that there is a pattern that you’re following, your tapping into a wide school of fish as every 2nd or 3rd cast you are able to pull in a Salmon. But, I notice that you pick up this frying pan, take the Salmon of the hook, lie it against the frying pan and then either nod your head or shake it whilst shrugging your shoulders and tossing it back. Can I ask why you are doing that?”

The elderly fisherman looked at me and responded, “ I’m testing the size of the fish. I’m only keeping the fish if it fits inside of my frying pan”.

I was left a little agasp as I pondered to myself and questioned what lens through which this fisherman is seeing the world, if the frying pan is his litmus test.

His testing platform, or litmus test is his frying pan and so if something fit into his frying pan, for example, the Salmon, he would keep it. However, if it was larger than the frying pan, he threw it back into the Ocean as it did not fit inside.

This perspective was certainly thought provoking to me, and slightly odd.

Now, I’d like to pose the question to you;

If you gave yourself have a chance, what would you be able to achieve?

From my experience, and having spent 20-25 years in personal health, growth, spirituality and consciousness, I realise that the lens through which we see the world, is also mirrored in how we interact with, and how we magnetise our world to fit inside of a frame.

You yourself may even be using the Salmon as a test in your own life. But, are you prepared to step outside of your comfort zone?

Is your worldview big enough to contain your dreams, vision, destiny and your highest potential?

What size fish are you keeping and what opportunities are you allowing to move into your awareness?

Likewise, which possibilities through a shrunk, contracted, or distorted worldview are you letting slip past you, and throwing back into the ocean of opportunity?

If you gave yourself only have a chance to win, to launch your program, or to reach your highest potential in any chosen area of your business, family or health, what would your worldview look like?

Most people are still playing small, and giving themselves only 1, 2, 5 or even, 10% of a chance. If your brain capacity says that your current frying pan is safe, you severely limit yourself to only taking opportunities which fit into your frying pan, or your view of the world.

I’d love to hear your insights from this parable.

Remember, you can create anything that you want and experience everything that you desire, that is aligned and congruent with your worldview. So, if your worldview is monocular or contracted with self talk that “this is all that exists, and is meant for me.” Or, due to fate, it in time will become your fury and your truth as you will continue to attract, magnetise and create those experiences which fit that limited belief.

What’s your worldview right now, and what opportunities (no matter how large they may seem) are available in your awareness right now?

Are you only receiving fish the size of your frying pan and mental capacity?  Or, are you looking for opportunities to come into your awareness from the field of potentiality that is infinite and vast so that you can expand yourself?

Everything exists in the now, all potentialities simultaneously exist. You must be willing to step out of your own frying pan and back yourself just half again more than you already currently do.