One costly mistake so many workshop, seminar and retreat leaders make when running events…

Hey alchemist!

I have a super uber, exciting topic to share with you today!

In fact, it’s one that comes up quite often in conversation with seminar, workshop, event and retreat facilitators from all around the world…

It’s a hole in the efficiency of running a business which, let me add, doesn’t happen only with the above mentioned people, but it happens a lot in general business…

As entrepreneurs and people with a big mission, huge glorious visions, and love-filled hearts, we often have a strong desire to move people en masse and impact the world by bringing like-minded individuals together in intimate group environments.

Often one critical piece to the puzzle is dismissed, and it is the first piece you ought to start with, anytime you are planning for an event, workshop, seminar or retreat of any kind…

Start with the end in mind!

Starting with the end in mind means that you already know what you want to move people towards…you know the energy you want to hold space for, and the direction that the energy of your conversation and work, are geared towards.

Many of you tend to start with just a great idea. Indeed, the crown chakra is open, and the ideas come pouring in, a dime a dozen. You are in love with the idea of the topic, the ideas and the stickiness of a group, and the gathering of energy with like-minded beings.

Shortly after, you will notice that the conversion rate of attendees to full-time clients starts to decline.

Let me tell you why; if you jump straight into the topic of the event, the retreat, or the seminar without giving consideration to the end goal, you’re effectively shooting yourself in the leg. It creates holes in your pipeline and business, but larger holes in your cashflow and potential to build a sticky tribe.

It affects your cashflow as you continue to fill out events and bring people to your events, with no way for them to further their transformational journey with you. This is literally leaving money on the table.

You are prematurely cutting the cord by ending the opportunity to connect and grow with the tribe that you have at this point invested much time, energy and devotion towards building rapport with. You don’t understand where the missing link is in your business, and why the relationships dwindle, and you don’t have a steady stream of clients at you’re door after you have booked out events…

This leads you to continue with the same model, but just oscillate between ideas, thinking that the problem is with the ideas, or even the topic of the event.

Now, it doesn’t matter whether it is an online program, offline workshop, webinar, or retreat that you are running, but you need to move people towards a common goal, a longer vision, and all in a laid out, continual, naturally-escalating, direction…

When thinking of your next event, ask yourself the following question;

….What do you want the next step to be for your event registrants?

There are so many events, retreats and seminars out there that teach critical, life-changing information, without giving people a follow-on opportunity.

Let me outline 3 example opportunities you can offer…

Let’s say you’re running a 1-day workshop.

At the end, participants can be invited to join you in an online signature program, or course for 4-6 weeks.

Similarly, at the end of hosting a retreat, the next step could be to join your mastermind group. A higher paid environment, in which you are working together in a boutique environment to accelerate their growth, their awareness and transformation in their lives!

Alternatively, if you’re doing holding a webclass – the following opportunity might be to have a conversation with you via phone, or skype.

The key here, is to offer something that follows progressively, and leads them onto furthering their development, teachings, and transformation with you, by joining you in a main program you offer. This is known as an ‘ascension curve’.

If you are already hosting workshops and running events, seminars or  retreats, and it is not currently working for you right now, it may look somewhat like this;

You market well, have a wonderful turnout of people, and bums on seats, deliver you best work, expend a lot of energy by holding space to facilitate other’s growth and you have a fantastic day with lots of teachings shared.

You may even be discussing the best topic in the world, and be fully booked out months in advance, but, if you have no back-end, or next step, you are leaving so much more opportunity on the table…

And guess what then happens…

Attendees have already built rapport, trust and alignment with you over that half day, or couple of days, or however long your event is, and YES! They leave your event, or retreat wanting more!

…however, with no opportunity to further their relationship with you, you’re actually giving them permission to go and find someone else to continue their transformation with. Their personal results start to dial away during the following days, weeks and months to the point where they’ve returned to their normal, pre-transformational-selves and so they will find someone else’s program, or service, or teachings to invest in.

How many times have you seen that occur?

Too often, I bet.

This being said, we must give people an ascension curve to follow, and I mean if you are building trust, rapport and creating group cohesion with them, it makes sense to invite them onto the next step with you!

Okay – so here’s what you must consider…

Again, start with the end in mind!

What product, program, service or opportunity do you currently have, or can you curate that people can join after the event?

In my previous Facebook ‘Lives, I have spoken about the concept of under-teaching and over selling, and vice-versa, where facilitators may oversell but under-teach. In these circumstances, the event attendees feel ripped off as they don’t feel as though they are receiving any value.

I’ll expand more into this topic in the future, as there are many coaches, healers, natural therapists, and allied health practitioners that want to move people en masse. And, if that’s you, but you are lacking an efficient system or process that leads people to a higher, transformational opportunity with you, you indeed have got a broken business model.

This is the shift you must make to maximise transformation, impact and the value you offer to other people’s lives.

Let me know your thoughts, how you are going with the current model you use…Is it working for you?…Are you getting bum’s on seats?…Are you cycling them into a next opportunity with you?

If not, let’s have a chat around how you can stop harming your business, so that you can begin producing the results and level of impact you wish to see!

Have a phenomenal day!

As always, travel light and bye for now.