001: High Performance Consciousness

We tend to treat imagination as something that has nothing to do with reality, but this is quite the opposite. Imagination shapes the way we see our reality and in turn, affects our expectations, hopes, our actions and our behavior.

People who succeed are those who use their imagination. What you place your attention on is what you give your energy towards, and what you give your energy towards will bare fruit. Therefore, if you can bring yourself to imagine a better reality, you become enrolled in taking action. 

In this episode, Matthew shares what imagination is, its importance, and its power in shaping our lives and our reality. 

So allow your mind to wonder as to what is possible in the field of infinite potential. 

Pay attention to your thoughts. If imagination creates reality, then anything you see outside of you can change and be changed as a result of upgrading your imagination.


  • The number one reason why people succeed (2:25)
  • Why we rarely allow ourselves to be imaginative (4:10)
  • The importance of expanding your imagination (4:55)
  • Imaginative edge (4:50)
  • We don’t know what we don’t know (6:15)
  • If you can imagine it, then it exists as a potential (8:05)
  • By applying energy to your imagination, you will bear the fruits of your labor (9:30)
  • “I am” principle (9:46)
  • Imagination is a compass (10:24)
  • Your number one power in your entrepreneurial toolbox is your imagination (10:55)
  • What else is available that I am not yet seeing? (12:45)
  • Cultivate a strong imagination and tie it to your purpose (14:39)
  • Install your own practice of imagination (15:54)
  • The infinite field of potential (17:49)
  • Develop a strong imagination (18:46)