012: The Golden Key

A lot of times you may feel that you need to balance all the plates in your life. With all the plates spinning, you leak a lot of energy. When you leak a lot of energy, you feel tired, frustrated and unclear. This makes you feel like you are not gaining any momentum which causes you to fall short of expectation because you feel like you never arrive at your goal. Does this sound familiar?

In this episode, we discover the Golden Key that you can use to change your thoughts, actions, and feelings. It is your higher single frequency wherein your thoughts, actions and feelings are all aligned and coherent. The Golden Key is to run a single frequency by getting very clear on what you want to experience in your life.

Your full potential exists right now. It doesn’t lie outside of you, it lies within. And within you lies the Golden Key.


  • Think, act and feel differently about yourself (2:32)
  • Build the model of your future results ahead of time (3:27)
  • Your State of Being is your electromagnetic signature (3:49)
  • The Golden Key (7:44)
  • Bouncing between 3 frequencies: Your mind, Your body and Your actions (8:24)
  • Dissonance: Unconsciously running 3 separate frequencies (9:22)
  • Focus and strength creates new results (16:19)
  • Honing in on how it feels to have a new result (17:09)
  • The frequency that links you to your desired goal (17:33)
  • How to run a single frequency (18:30)
  • What is success to you? (18:39)
  • Success gives you freedom (18:54)
  • The subconscious is primed on feeling (20:43)
  • What is it you want to experience? (21:10)
  • Returning to the Zero Point (21:49)
  • Asking different questions (22:20)