015: Decision Momentum

Are you making decisions out of fear or are you making decisions that align with your desired outcome?

Every day we make thousands of decisions, both consciously and unconsciously. However, we don’t always feel like we make the right ones. The good news is that you can, with practice and continual attention, reduce the time it takes between making a decision and getting feedback to determine whether you are on track with your preferred outcome or not.

In this episode, we delve into making clear and purposeful decisions and building momentum off the back of those decisions. The key to decision momentum is trust. Trust in yourself, in your gut instinct, and the nudge that will not go away. It is coming to you for a reason. So take action on it. 

The universe can work in very mysterious ways. When you make decisions, understand that you are working with a universal intelligence that is operating within you and all around you. Decide today to make decisions that are aligned with your desired outcome. 


  • We as human beings are automations (2:16) 
  • Decision fatigue (3:18)
  • De-cluttering and un-complicating your life (5:17)
  • Your internal space is representative of your external reality (6:22)
  • Use the faculty of imagination (6:41)
  • Decision momentum (7:10)
  • Collapsing a wave into a particle (7:20)
  • Drawing wave energy into your body (7:45)
  • What is your end result? (8:47)
  • Glimpses (10:37)
  • Finding your Goldilocks zone (11:04)
  • The key with decision momentum is feeling (11:27)
  • Serendipity and synchronicity loves speed (11:50)
  • All waves collapse into particles (12:00)
  • Looking to the past (12:45)
  • Why we say “I have no proof” (13:10)
  • The key to decision momentum is trust (13:34)
  • Decisions followed by action (14:10)
  • Building your decision muscle (14:45)
  • You are an athlete and your body needs entrainment (16:42)
  • Wake up the potential in your body (17:20)
  • De-polarizing your reality (20:23)
  • Operating in the now (22:00)
  • You are your universe (22:25)