018: From Survival to Relief

As entrepreneurs, it’s natural to run in a frequency of survival as you start your business journey. Being in survival mode means you are running in hustle, grind, and overwhelm. You feel like you can never dig yourself out of a hole. 

In this episode, we delve into how to move from a frequency of survival to relief. How to create a solid foundation from which you can leverage your life and the ensuing results that you experience in your outer world.

With focus, you can move from operating in a survival frequency to relief. By being clear of what your end looks like, then only can you enroll your body through conscious intention into that experience ahead of time. 

Remember not to rush from survival to relief. Relief is about practice. Just like in business, moving from survival to relief is a marathon and not a sprint. 


  • Running in the frequency of survival (2:37)
  • What is the level of frequency? (3:22)
  • The frequency of survival (3:51)
  • Fight, flight, or flee (4:02)
  • Undermining your own efforts (4:33)
  • Running in hustle, grind, and overwhelm (5:40)
  • Preparation is key (6:40)
  • The body is the long-term programming device (9:03)
  • Activating your subconscious through clarity (10:02)
  • Relief phase is one that you want to nourish (11:18)
  • Nothing’s ever good enough (12:16)
  • Relief is about practice (12:50)
  • Survival at a higher mode (14:18)
  • Make relief a new natural for you (16:02)
  • Alpha brainwave state (17:03)
  • Business is not a sprint, it is a marathon (18:40)
  • Not rushing to achieve (19:09)
  • Between 1 and 3 items in your priority list per day (19:46)
  • Become a magnet for new opportunity (20:35)