023: Wealth Consciousness

Money brings up so much fear, frustration, and overwhelm for so many people on the planet, let alone those in the entrepreneurial world. 

Wealth creation and wealth consciousness is a frequency. It is not created but expressed. It must come from within and therefore, you must invest in it from a mind and body perspective. 

In this episode, we delve into wiring your wealth consciousness. What you value is what you give the most attention to. Therefore, those who value money attract more money.  If you do not have value for wealth building, you will simply receive money that will leave just as quickly as it arrived. 

How else is your reality going to change unless you start investing in thoughts, feelings, and actions that are aligned with wealth consciousness?


  • Wealth consciousness is different for every person (3:00)
  • Wealth can mean many things to many people (3:26)
  • What you value is what you give most attention to  (3:51)
  • Those who do not value wealth building will not experience it in their lifetime (5:00)
  • What do you value? (5:17)
  • Money does not have a consciousness of itself (6:45)
  • Money consciousness (7:10)
  • New age movement of the rejection of money (8:19)
  • Moving out of the poverty mindset (10:00)
  • Refusing to accept gifts from the field (10:19)
  • Blocking our ability to receive (10:40)
  • Narcissism is about filling your cup first (10:55)
  • Your inner world dialogue (12:11)
  • That which you reject is that which you give attention to (13:15)
  • Your value is what you determine (14:33)
  • Shame and guilt are the killers of your wealth (15:37)
  • Those who value money attract more money (17:28)
  • Money loves a plan (18:01)
  • Make decisions that are aligned with your goal (21:36)
  • One-hit wonders (22:59)