024: You Must Feel It

We often ask ourselves, “How would it feel when?”

How would it feel when… you get that perfect job? How would it feel when… you are in that beautiful relationship? How would it feel when… you get x amounts of clients in your business?

We will often conceptualize an idea of how we would feel when the success has been attained or when we have accomplished something. We usually think our way through the process. Seldom do we feel our way through the process. Feeling is the key.

In this episode, we delve into the concept of feeling your way towards your desired end and the different ways to do so. The concept of “Feeling is the Key” means the subconscious mind is the operant power. If you do not see your desired outcome playing out in your outer world, then you must return to your inner world and feed your subconscious mind with the information you desire to experience ahead of time.

Instead of thinking to change the outside world, matter to matter, go to the inside world. Go to the world of feeling and upgrade the senses to a new octave and a new vibrational equivalent to your preferred end. 

To change your outside world, the secret is to upgrade your inner world. Rinse and repeat.


  • Feeling is the key (2:50)
  • The conscious and subconscious mind (2:56)
  • When you are clear on what you want, the conscious and subconscious mind marry and produce results (3:28)
  • The idea of “How would it feel when?” (4:15)
  • Both minds going to work in partnership (4:59)
  • The subconscious mind seeks its match (5:14)
  • Focusing on the problem gives the problem attention (5:33)
  • Redirection of focus (6:13)
  • The analytical mind (6:35)
  • Spending your energy on the outside world (7:22)
  • Upgrading your inner world (8:07)
  • Feeling operates through the heart (9:10)
  • The feeling center is the subjective mind (10:58)
  • Feeling your end alive (11:06)
  • Feeling trumps thinking, every day (11:30)
  • Ways to feel your desired end (11:58)
  • Feeling your way into your end (13:23)
  • Turning the upside-down world right-side-up (14:38)
  • Do not entertain undesired feelings (18:37)