031: The Art Of Surrender

Surrendering is a huge conversation piece in certain communities like spiritual, human potential, or personal development communities. People talk about surrendering to God, surrendering to the universe, or surrendering to the greater good. 

Surrendering, however, is often overlooked in business. Entrepreneurs hardly consider this important question: what are you surrendering to

In this episode, I discuss the art of surrendering. What is the meaning of surrendering? Are you surrendering to the old ways, your old self, your old program, or your old behaviours? Or are you surrendering to the work that you are doing so you can achieve your desired goal? If you surrender, what do you surrender? Join me as I dive deep into the complex art of surrender.


  • A story about training your body and the way you think and act (02:53)
  • Visceral feedback to the edge of your known universe (04:35)
  • It’s human nature to want to go back to old habits (05:54)
  • Stay focused (06:45)
  • What are you surrendering to? (08:12)
  • Are you surrendering to the old ways? (08:25)
  • Are you surrendering to the work and energy that you are doing? (09:01)
  • If you surrender to the work, you surrender the old self (09:54)
  • Surrendering is not giving up (10:22)
  • Surrendering is not bypassing (12:00)
  • Be a whole-brain being (14:30)
  • Surrendering is doing the work and knowing when to step back (16:08)
  • The meaning of surrendering in business (17:27)
  • The art of surrendering (19:11)
  • The quantum field is a magnetising principle (21:06)