037: Money, Money, Money

Do you want to attract more clients and grow your business? 

When you go into the depths of the entrepreneurial journey, it is all about freedom. It’s about freedom to express and experience yourself in new ways, not to be confined in a model that felt stifling. 

When you run a business, you want more clients in order to grow your business. Because of this, you think about the best marketing strategy to attract more clients. But during the sales call, you start to contract and shy away from ‘selling’. 

Why? This is because you have a wrong mindset around sales and money. 

In this episode, we deep dive into attracting clients and growing your business by first getting your money mindset sorted. We delve into understanding whether your thoughts are toward investing or spending money. 

We want money because we want experiences. By investing in your thoughts, energy and time, you invest in your preferred experiences. Invest into your preferred reality rather than spending energy on your non-preferred perceived reality through the lens of fear or debt.

Remember that money is part of the process, it is not the process. When you shift your money mindset this way, you’ll be able to see more opportunities in your business that you didn’t see before.


  • Contracting around the sale (4:02)
  • Distorted view of what money is (4:13)
  • Money is an exchange of value and energy (4:35)
  • Why does money have power over us? (5:05)
  • Everything is an experience (5:35)
  • Looking at money as either good or bad (5:57)
  • Fixing your money mindset (6:34)
  • Wanting more freedom (7:34)
  • Freedom in the entrepreneurial journey (8:10)
  • Are you investing or spending your thoughts towards money? (8:25)
  • Looking at money as part of a problem (9:50)
  • Distortion of time (11:37)
  • Are we grateful for spending money and exchanging energy? (11:45)
  • Showing gratitude towards experiences (12:06)
  • Business is an experience of yourself (12:50)
  • Investing your thoughts, time and energy (13:50)
  • Change from growing your business to growing your experiences (15:09)
  • Money as a concept either empowers or stifles you (16:40)
  • Addicted to the frequency of money (18:45)
  • Money produces the experience (20:25)
  • Build a more secure money mindset (21:54)