056: Your One Thing Pot Of Gold

My clients and muses give me the intel on what to discuss in this show. One of the most popular questions I’ve been asked for the past three months is “How do I find my One Thing?”

In this episode, I dive deep into this question and the concepts related to it. 

Now, everyone has a “One Thing.” This is what you’re passionate about. But is it really true that if you do what you’re passionate about then the money will come? 

What do you do when you come up against fear? How do you lean into your One Thing? How do you recognise your One Thing? Let’s look at the answers to these questions.


  • How do you find your One Thing? (02:00)
  • Could you explore in greater depth your One Thing? (03:26)
  • Your passion is your One Thing (04:00)
  • You’ll come up against foibles of fear (06:55)
  • The law of one to many and many to one (08:04)
  • The 3 big M’s (09:23)
  • How to lean in and find your One Thing (09:49)
  • When you focus attention on the micro, the macro will wire into your One Thing (12:29)
  • Your One Thing is your most important thing (13:40)
  • Become your desired outcome in the now moment by leaning in and experimenting (15:07)
  • By leaning into your One Thing, your field is reorganised at a faster rate (17:01)
  • You cannot fail if you give yourself to your passion (18:06)
  • Evidence of your One Thing is all around you (18:45)