006: Going Beyond your Body, Environment, Time, and Self (BETY)

Do you often have an inner critic that sabotages your own thoughts? 

Your inner critic may tell you that you can have a great career but no social life. Or a great relationship but an average career. This is what we call “3rd Dimensional thinking.”  Irrational thoughts are part of being human, but they can get in our way of true success. 

The good news is that you can exercise your self-awareness to spot these negative thoughts and change them to “5th-dimensional thinking.” The 5th dimension is a unified dimension of now, based on unity, love, presence, and eternality. We use “And” statements in 5th dimension thinking. 

In this episode, we deep dive into the power of going beyond these 4 aspects – your Body, Environment, Time, and Yourself, in order to create your new reality.  By doing so, you are enrolling yourself in your new future. You are becoming a new self. You are responding rather than reacting. You are attracting rather than repelling. 

By getting beyond your Body, Environment, Time, and Yourself (BETY), you are rewiring your new reality.


  • The third dimension (2:49)
  • The fifth dimension (5:17)
  • “Or” statement in the 3rd dimension (05:40)
  • “And” statements in the 5th dimension (7:09)
  • Your current reality carries the seeds of your belief (8:22)
  • BETY: Body, Environment, Time, Yourself (10:48)
  • Going beyond BETY to experience the infinite potential of our imagination (10:58)
  • Your body as a time-capsule  (11:27)
  • Your memory equals time (12:15)
  • Your internal and external environments (13:19)
  • You are the sum total of your environment (14:25)
  • Going beyond time (16:01)
  • How to experience a result ahead of time (16:36)
  • Bring BETY to the 5th dimension (16:54)
  • Getting beyond the old self (17:15)
  • The body as the servant of the mind (18:03)
  • Retraining your body to be in alignment with your mind (18:15)
  • Identity shapes the foundation of people (19:47)
  • Build a new prism for yourself (20:29)
  • With attachment comes suffering (21:27)
  • Re-wire your new reality by getting beyond BETY (23:10)