060: Close The Door On Doubt

So you’ve gotten clear on your end result. The desired result that you want to experience. The moment you take the next step, doubt starts to creep in. As doubt creeps in, it begins to undermine the very energy that birthed the idea of a new reality.. 

In this episode, we delve into how to close the door on doubt. This is where masterminds, good coaches, and good mentors hold you to the responsibility of your true capabilities.

When you experience doubt and allow the door of doubt to remain open, it will reveal itself in your life. So how do you close the door on doubt? Let’s dive in.


  • Learning through accountability and closing the door on doubt (3:08)
  • Your center exists outside of your desire (4:27)
  • Looking through the eyes of doubt (4:55)
  • The importance of masterminds and good mentors (5:19)
  • High point of accountability (9:44)
  • You become what you feel and act upon (11:11)
  • Move on the potential and you will have the power (11:49)
  • What are you aligned with? (12:19)
  • Magnetism (13:20)
  • Become the result of that something your desire (13:32)
  • There is nothing to fix in you, it is all alignment (14:22)
  • The power of the three (14:41)
  • How to close the door of doubt (14:53)
  • If you want the result, see that it already has occurred (15:50)
  • The outside world will give you impressions (16:40)
  • Your reality will form around your new concept of self (17:44)
  • Observe all the entry and exit points of doubt (19:19)