071: Escape The Time Trap


Have you ever felt the rise of impatience while you wait for your desires to be fulfilled? We run our lives by time in the world of matter. The time trap keeps you in a linear reality – the finite universe wherein you think you need to wait to reach your desires fulfilled. But there…

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070: Feeling IS Reality

Today’s episode comes from a member of the Magnetic Mastermind.  He shares that when he focuses on the fulfilment of his desires (in this case a powerful motorbike), he feels excited. However, there are times when he doesn’t feel as excited about it.  Human nature being what it is, I’m sure you’ve gone through or…

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069: Your Future Does Not Exist In The Future


You read and hear all too often how your future lies ahead of you and that you must chase your dreams and desires to arrive at some point in the future.  In this episode, I will discuss what the future really is and how you can bend reality so you can lean into your preferred…

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068: Bending Reality Compilation


In this episode, I share a compilation of excerpts from Rewire Your Future, a masterclass series I gave about a year ago, and Zero Limits Shape Your Best Life, my eight-week course.  These vignettes are broken down into areas of life that you can digest easily and refer back to whenever you want. Enjoy the…

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067: Wired for Success Compilation


What you are about to listen to are excerpts from a one-day live intensive that I gave throughout Canada and the United States over a year ago. It’s called the Wired for Success Masterclass.  Lean in and lean out of your preferred state of your reality, taking in any and all bits of information to…

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066: Decisions Create Destiny


When was the last time you really decided what you wanted and went for it?  Can you be aware of what you decide upon? Can you decide on a greater level of intentionality? Can you be more intentional with your decision-making process? The answer to these questions is a resounding YES. In this episode, we…

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