My visit to the dentist taught me… What energy healers, spiritual coaches and natural therapists must learn in order to add more value to their clients and grow their business faster.

A powerful, authentic way for dramatically increasing new client sign-on’s…

I took a trip to the dentist this morning and it was a lesson in disguise. Allow me to share…

This session with the dentist reminded me of a very valuable lesson to dramatically increase the number of new client signs-on’s through a specific technique calledPrescription Selling’. Now this wasn’t discussed with me, but I know, having spent several years in the Allied Health and Medical fields that the words, or concept of ‘prescription selling’…do and can indeed go together.

In fact, it is an aligned, authentic and very powerful way to convert and boost the prospects you speak to into to new client sign-on’s.

‘Prescription Selling’ for the Healer, Natural Therapist, Spiritual Entrepreneur, or anyone who is in the Coaching field usually seems wrong and those words are not put together because we often are told that selling feels “icky, dirty, pushy, unnatural, forceful” and that it “goes against the natural grain of your spiritual nature…”.

Well, I’m here to tell you that when you put those two words together they actually add a lot more value to people!

Its proven.

When we come from an authentic place and have listened to our prospects’ fears, frustrations, wants and aspirations, we are then in a place to say,”I can help you”, (provided that you do have a program, package or a service that can deliver results to them – of course).

So here’s what I’d like you to do the next time you have a prospect or a healing/coaching/natural therapy session, just listen.

Listen to the gaps (the gaps are the problems, and solutions for your client or prospect) and provided that you’ve got a solution, you can prescribe the next step for the person because you are speaking from an area of expertise and knowing. It allows you to step into a position of certainty and authority (if you haven’t seen one of my earlier posts about ‘Self-appointment’, I urge you to read it. It’s absolutely critical).

Prescription Selling’ is one of the fastest ways to increase client conversions, increase the value that you add to a prospect’s life, as well as, bridging the gap between them trialling with you (IE, having a free strategy session) to fully committing themselves with you in a program or a package that you have devised.

So how do you do that?

At this point you would have now already listened to, and identified where the gaps are.

You know what it is that they need and want.

Most often we try to sell, only, to satisfy the need but this often falls short – you must give them what they want now.

When I went to the dentist I said, “Look, I know that there’s some work that needs to be done, we’re travelling right now and we don’t go back to Australia for another couple of days, but I really need this sorted” (that was my want), then they did an X-Ray, explained what was happening and told me what I needed – which was exactly the solution I wanted.

…When a trusted authority prescribes what you need after understanding both what you want and need, naturally the only next step is a yes…so when you have prescription selling right, there is no resistance.

Let me give you an example of how this would work for you;

You’ve heard what the wants, needs, frustrations and fears of the prospect are and identified the gaps. You can then say, “Well, I have developed something that might help you, can I share that with you?” (this will be developed around your signature gifts, experiences, skills, breakthroughs, experiences, etc)

They will be eager to hear more – so you continue, “…I’ve heard you say ‘XYZ’ about your problem and your fear, as well as the plans that you have for the future, so with those things in mind, I suggest this package/program/service, that meets all of those things, would you like me to show you more?”

The answer, typically, is yes.

In ‘Prescription Selling’, we lead people by the hand, not by the back. We’re not pushing them forward, we are filling the gaps by walking them step-by-step through a client journey that serves them.

In my field, I help spiritual coaches, conscious entrepreneurs, healers and energy workers build high, thriving, sustainable and lucrative businesses by creating signature programs in favour of dropping those 1:1 sessions.

Inside the gap, there are people who are frustrated with giving 1:1 sessions for free that simply suck, and do not sell – I’m very big on this because often when people offer free 1:1 sessions, they lack the correct or winning architecture behind them to transition the person before them from prospect into a paying client.

Let me know in the comments, is prescription selling a new concept to you? Is it something that you’ve worked with before – or something that you’d like to know more information about?

Do you feel that it is forceful, incongruent, malaligned, or disingenuous to actually ask someone to work with you?

Another thing which is important during this process, is to have the prospect at heart and speak to them as you would speak to a full fee-paying client, so that you’re not offering something for a prospect and giving another thing for a client.

Recognise too, that the resistance towards selling less about having a block, and mostly the result of lacking a formula. When you’re lacking conviction toward the product, service or program that you’ve developed whilst talking to a prospect, you’re actually showing the other person that they too should not have commitment or any certainty in you.

Think about it for a moment – would you buy a service from someone who sounds ‘wishy-washy’, unsure of their stuff and speaks with no conviction?

…Likely, not.

When I was sitting with the dentist, I could tell that he knew his stuff. He’s the best in Kuta, or south Bali, has great testimonies and so I had every trust and faith in him – there was no question. He knew what I wanted as we were having a conversation about it. (This is the space that you need to be in!)…You need to open and dilate the gap so that you can pay attention and listen to the music between the notes.

Don’t be afraid to say “I strongly recommend that you move forward with this plan of action based on what you just told me”. The strength of character, the merit, and the conviction comes from you first – in fact – the best prescriber’s towards a sale are always the ones who believe in themselves first, believe in the process and their product but key is that they always have the clients at heart. It is when that goes array, that misalignment, inconsistency and resistance starts to boil over.

Where is your biggest resistance in moving someone you’re having a conversation with towards a sale?

Give people a reason to say yes, not more reasons to say no. When you prescribe from the heart, and you are offering the person you are speaking to, value, the next step is to hold their hand – metaphorically – and lead them towards a solution, and sometimes the reason that actually feels a little difficult is because maybe you haven’t done that for yourself in the past.

One great reason to say yes, is because, you know your stuff, have been through similar experiences and the beautiful thing is that you can see and offer an opportunity, or a unicorn ahead. At first, it may feel like a jump of faith, but it actually reduces the resistance to a sale as you are building rapport and having great communication with someone.

One thing I know very well from working in this field with conscious people, is that there are times where your own ‘stuff’ is going to come up and get in the way of why you’re here and serving in the way that you were put here to do.

One of the biggest things that ‘Prescriptive selling’ does, is, it takes you out of the sale – so that it’s no longer about you, it’s about the value that you give out.

Prescribe the best for the person with a process and a formula and watch as the dirtiness of a sale fall away.

If this message resonated with you, or you are feeling resistance in your prospect to client conversions right now, and you want to find your ideal high-quality, high-paying clients to join your tribe, I highly recommend that you get in touch with me.

Its doesn’t hurt to have a chat but it certainly hurts to stay where you are. Send me an email at, or leave a comment and I’ll guide you. My role is to help get you out of where you are currently, to where you deserve and desire to be…faster, with more heart, aligned consciousness but also, with greater financial abundance!

We all deserve to live life abundantly.