Why you feel drained after your 1:1 sessions, and 4 steps to overcome it.

Are you often left drained after coaching, healing energy-work or consulting sessions with your clients?

If so, perk up your ears for the next couple minutes.

It is (sadly) quite commonplace for a lot of practitioners in the healing, coaching, and even business and consultation fields,  to feel utterly depleted, exhausted, and in need of a serious recharge as soon as their client 1:1’s are over.

Reassuringly enough, you are by no means, alone, in experiencing this.

The reason you become overtaken with this state of mental fatigue is because you’re actually leaking energy.

I’m going to share 4 tips here, and I encourage you to employ them as soon as your next consultation session. Embodying these suggestions will leave you as well as your client, feeling invigorated, and bouncing around in a high-vibrational state at the end of your time together.

What you’ll read will also aid in shifting the heavy gravity which has been causing you to feel exhausted.

What do I mean by this?

When I say heavy gravity, I am referring to a dense, or negative energy that the majority of your clients arrive at your conversations with.

Secretly, they accumulate all of their week, or month’s headaches and pack it in a ‘bag’, so to speak, with the wish to off-load it when they see you.

It is possible that you too are opening your sessions with a ‘saviour mentality’, giving them permission to fully off-load.

In fact, many people entering this area of work are empaths too, and so quite naturally connect with their client’s problems, with a desire to fix them all.

I recommend you to nip this way of thinking in the bud, straight away. It hurts you more than is beneficial to either you, or your client.

1. Set your intention before the client arrives.

Charge up your personal field with your own energy first. Then show up radiating an intentional, high-vibrational energy, based on what you want to bring to the session to share with your clients, rather than what you tend to take on from other people.

2. Listen more without trying to jump in and fix their problems.

When your client is speaking, tune in to the music between the notes. Allow there to be an ease that permeates when you observe their words, and body language, rather than having to wrestle with their discomfort as that saviour mentality would suggest. Naturally, the ego wants to solve and do the work for other people.

3. Set the needle and the compass in a new direction with your client. 

After they have spoken, you can show them a future that is entirely conceivable for them. You do this, by using the knowledge you have gained from working with them, and from being an authority expert in your field, to be able to expose them to what IS achievable for their life rather than showing them only what’s probable based on their past.

4. Be responsible to your clients but not FOR them.

Set this boundary very clear from the start of your client sessions. Otherwise, you will undoubtedly begin to wear a badge, and carry an energetic signature that says ‘I’m everyone’s misery pit, I get dumped on and nothing gets done in my personal life because I’m wallowing in everyone else’s sorrow story’.

Resume the role of being responsible to your client when you show up and serve them with a level of high-value they cannot gain from anyone else. It is imperative that you realise the difference in being responsible to your client and for them.

After sharing your unique wisdom, gifts, and abilities, your clients have a choice to take on your suggestions onboard – or not. What they do is then solely up to them and is their responsibility.

Knowing this difference can set you free from a lot of burden.

These 4 steps will guide you in your journey as a practitioner and as a leader, so that you don’t gasp or fear showing up for a date filled with 1:1 appointments where you anticipate that there might be some heavy gravity.

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